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abstractmods's Journal

Moderators of the Abstract Thought community
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Peace Through Fire Superiority

Why does insanity twist the great answers?
only tormented persons want truth.
Man is an animal like other animals
wants food and success and women
not truth.
Only if the mind
Tortured by some interior tension has despaired of happiness:
then it hates its life-cage
and seeks further
And finds, if it is powerful enough.
But instantly the private agony that made the search
Muddles the finding

-Robinson Jeffers, 'Theory of Truth'

Welcome to Abstract Mods, an ongoing sidebar between us moderators concerning all things abstractthought. As this is a project in its infancy, exactly what we'll be doing here and how we'll be doing it will take shape in the weeks to come (and no doubt reshape this description). All members from abstractthought are invited to observe (for the time being) the interactions between us.